Lehmans bankruptcy claims at market high - Gamma Finance

14 June 2013
Lehmans bankruptcy claims at market high - Gamma Finance

 Lehmans bankruptcy claims at market high - Gamma Finance


Lehman and MF Global boost claims trading in Europe

05 June 2013
Lehman and MF Global boost claims trading in Europe

 Lehman and MF Global boost claims trading in Europe

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Blackstone fund to target secondary hedge fund market

24 October 2012
Investment Europe - Blackstone targets secondary market

Blackstone Group is preparing to launch a multibillion-dollar fund that will buy stakes in hedge fund managers in the secondary market, says Reuters.The Blackstone fund will enable traditional buyers such as banks, insurers and other financial institutions to exit their investments in hedge funds. Increasingly, these buyers are under pressure to sell...


Le boom du marché secondaires des hedge funds se poursuit

15 October 2012
Bilan: Le boom du marché secondaires

 Les fonds alternatifs peuvent, depuis la crise 2008, revendre leurs parts à la liquidité restreinte. Explications...

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Real asset investors look to hedge funds for supply

15 October 2012
Investment Europe: Real asset investors look to hedge funds

Placement agents and research companies are reporting that real asset and private equity investors are looking to raise additional capital and may deploy up to $200bn prior to the end of 2013. Gamma Finance, a London-based independent adviser to the alternative investment sector, says some of the beneficiaries of this increased activity may indirectly be investors in the hedge funds that have experienced low liquidity in the post-crisis years...


Investors in real assets find supply in hedge funds

15 October 2012
Opalesque: Investors in real assets find supply in hedge funds

Opalesque Industry Update - Gamma Finance, an independent specialist provider of advisory services to the alternative investment sector, has been awarded advisory mandates of $500 million by clients seeking to optimise exits from a diverse range of lower-liquidity assets, including real estate and private equity positions...


Post-Crisis Liquidity: How investors can protect against liquidity events

01 October 2012
Hedgefund Journal: Post-Crisis Liquidity

September 2012, the four year anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, has witnessed

moves from European and US policy makers that demonstrate the continuing legacy of the 2008
credit crisis. Germany’s constitutional court backed the launch of the European Stability
Mechanism as the lender...

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Illiquid hedge funds look to new sources of capital

18 June 2012
Finance Publications Offshore: Illiquid hedge funds

Gamma Finance, leading provider of advisory services to the secondary hedge fund market, is seeing a number of new trends emerge. Florian de Sigy, founder of Gamma Finance LLP comments: “We are seeing a bifurcation of the secondary market between those investors who want to transact in the shares of illiquid hedge funds, and those who want to access the real assets held within the illiquid hedge fund portfolios themselves”... 


Corporate finance and hedge funds: how to add value to illiquid assets

01 June 2012
Hedge Fund Journal: Corporate finance and hedge funds

The secondary market for buying and selling illiquid investments continues to undergo rapid change. Many stigmas about the sector have faded with the realisation that, post-crisis, most institutional investors and alternative fund managers hold some investments they can now describe as illiquid on their books.  Whereas once this market was typified by distressed sellers, it is now the domain of competing, sophisticated buyers. However, unlocking value is more than just a matter of finding a buyer; it is also about being able to understand the fundamental value of the opportunity, and the best way that the value can be realised...

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Florian de Sigy on private equity's hunt for hedge fund stakes

14 March 2012
Florian de Sigy on private equity's hunt

Although fundraising has slowed a little in the last quarter, levels of capital raised by private equity investors in 2011 have been a significant improvement on the prior two years. According to Preqin, over 60% of institutional investors are planning to increase their private equity commitments by mid-2012, and less than 10% are planning to reduce funding. In the private equity real estate market, the figures are even more bullish: over 70% of investors plan to increase their commitment to such projects... 

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Hedge fund exits hit record low after bumper January

09 February 2012
Hedge fund exits hit record low

 Client exits from hedge funds fell to a record low after performance bounced back in January, industry data showed on Thursday, as investors were encouraged to stick with their portfolios despite a disappointing and volatile 2011.

The GlobeOp Capital Movement Index, which tracks monthly net subscriptions to and redemptions from hedge funds managing around $173 billion, advanced to 142.6 points, the highest since October 2008.

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Appointment of Miroslaw Izienicki as COO

23 January 2012
FT - Movers & Shakers

Gamma Finance has hired Miroslaw Izienicki,former head of thinktank Fifth Capital...

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Solvency II: The Unintended Consequences

09 December 2011
Portfolio Institutional: Friday View

Solvency II, the regulation aimed at establishing a revised set of EU-wide capital requirements and risk management standards that will replace current solvency rules, has as its prime objective the reduction of the impact of future market crises on the insurance industry.  This is sensible and necessary, especially... 

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Hedge funds on red alert for bank leverage squeeze

02 December 2011
Reuters - Hedge funds on red alert

Hedge funds are steering clear of the big bets they are famous for, rattled by worries that the lenders who bankroll their most lucrative plays will soon turn the taps off.

With memories of sudden margin calls at the height of the 2008 crisis still fresh, many managers are scrutinising banking relationships and preparing for the likelihood of tighter, more expensive access to credit as several major banks face up to their own funding troubles...

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Solvency II still on the backburner

27 November 2011
Solvency II still on the backburner

Many of the regulatory measures conceived in the wake of the financial crisis have been delayed amid intense lobbying and difficulties in implementing complex reforms. The haste with which they were put together has resulted in some poor constructs and few have yet been adopted...

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Illiquid hedge fund increasingly more popular

04 November 2011
Illiquid Hedge Fund Increasingly More Popular

Almost every pension fund portfolio has one to three per cent invested in illiquid hedge funds, which is an allocation too small to get attention, but too big to ignore, according to Florian de Sigy, CEO and founder of specialist brokerage and advisory firm Gamma Finance...


Institutional investors to drive secondary hedge fund market

01 November 2011
Opalesque - Institutional Investors

Sovreign wealth funds, pension funds and family offices are allocating increasingly large tranches of capital to illiquid hedge funds in the search for high-yielding long-term investment solutions, says Florian de Sigy, CEO and founder of specialist brokerage and advisory firm Gamma Finance...

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Appointment of Benjamin Keefe as Director of Advisory

01 August 2011
FT - Movers & Shakers August 2011

 Benjamin Keefe of UBS Investment Bank joins Gamma Finance as director...

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Hedge secondaries market loses its edge of distress

29 July 2011
Investment Europe - Hedge secondaries market

The private market for trading hedge fund shares might not have returned to a pre-crisis state, with transactions often occurring above NAV. But nor is it any more “distressed sellers selling distressed assets in distressed funds”, which prevailed immediately post-crisis, say intermediaries and advisors Gamma Finance LLP.